Finding a Photographer

Finding a photographer to do your headshots is a very personal and important choice.  In New York City and Los Angeles, there are hundreds of headshot photographers to choose from. How do you get the most bang for your buck?

Do Your Homework

If you’re new in the business or unsure of how your headshot should look, be sure to look at headshots of people who are successful in your specific field. Examine playbills, etc. so you have a clear idea of what a great headshot looks like. If you have an agent or manager, ask them for opinions and referrals as well.

Take your time researching photographers:  ask around, look at several photographers’ portfolios, narrow down your search.  Then, talk to the photographer about their process, their specialties, etc. Do they know your specific end of the industry (opera vs. acting, commercial vs. theater)? A headshot session can feel very vulnerable.  Find someone whose taste you like and with whom you feel comfortable spending several hours.

Getting Started

One of the best places to start your search in New York is at the same place YourType recommends for getting your photos reproduced: Reproductions.

Reproductions has an online Directory of Headshot Photography.  It is an extensive compliations of paid advertisements by almost every headshot photographer and is separated into East and West Coast.  The directory features sample photos from the photographers’ portfolio and provides a centralized way to compare and contrast various artists’ work.

Fine Photographic Printing
for Actors & Performing Artists
70 West 40th St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY  10018

(646) 502-3700
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(212) 382-3730 fax

Headshot Photographers

Here are links to some photographers’ Web sites where you can view sample headshots and get prices.  Bear in mind that there can be a big difference between headshots for film actors, stage actors, pop singers, classical singers & models. Find a photographer who is well-versed in your specific end of the entertainment industry.

YourType does not endorse any of these studios, we simply are providing resources for the beginning stages of your search. Photographers are separated into New York & Los Angeles listings.

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New York City Headshot Photographers

Affordable Actor Headshots NYC

Jose Carlos Alva(modeling/fashion/headshots)

Angel Studio (NY & LA)

Babaldi Photography

Marco Baldi

Emilie Baltz

Benjamin Headshots

The David Beyda Studio

Big Apple Headshots

Richard Blinkoff

Bryan Bowden (NY, Paris, Oslo)

Ron Brown Photography

Christopher Bryan

Robert Caldarone

Arthur Cohen

Coleman Photo/Graphix

Jinsey Dauk

Digital Headshot Photography

Karol DuClos

Shawn Ehlers

Genine Esposito

Exact Photo NYC

Expressions/Avi Keller



Felle Photography

Jeremy Folmer

Kevin Fox

Ellis Gaskell

Robin Gentile

Rod Goodman

Douglas Gorenstein

Gorn Photo

Timothi Jane Graham (NY & LA)

Nick Granito

Stephan Greving

Jen Halpern

John Hart

Leslie Hassler Studio

Brent Helsel

Joe Henson Photography

Ayano Hisa

Taylor Hooper

Peter Hurley (NY & LA)

Jensen Studios

Tom Judge (NY & London)

Alex Kaplan

Robert Kim (NY & LA)

Peter Konerko

George J Kunze

Steve Landis

Bradley Lau

Juliet Lofaro

Darren Macri

Lisa Marie Photography

Chris Macke

Blanche Mackey

Fred Marco

Bette Marshall

David J. Martin

Tabanitha McDaniel

Cynthia McIntire Photography (Westport, CT, White Plains, NY)

M.E.S.S. Photography

Modeling Portfolios NYC

Joseph Moran

Bill Morris

Barry Morgenstein

New York Headshots

NKL Photography (NY & LA)

David Noles

Trevor Oswalt

RAW Photos (natural light)

Photos by LA (NYC)

David Plakke

Jean Elizabeth Poli

Mila Radulovic

Ron Rinaldi (NY & LA)

Rotarius Photography

Mark Rubin

Timothy Sekk

Erika Silverstein

Lee Ann Simms

SK Headshots

Chad Sparks Photography

Stockwell Photography

StomsVik Photography

Philip Stark

J. Starkman Photography

Tess Steinkolk

Bill Strong Photography

Jay Sullivan

This Eye’s View (art photos & headshots)

Von Thomas

Larry Travis

Udo R Photography

David Vaughan

Daniel Vera

Ken Weingart Photography (NY & LA)

Whitney Photography

Joanna Wilson

Randall Wirth

Sandy Zane

Zampano Photography (NY & LA)

Los Angeles Headshot Photographers

Randolph Adams Photography

Angel Shots (NY & LA)

Amy Barnard Photography

Aria Photography

Awesome Headshots (LA & SF)

Bennington Photography

Thomas Bliss

Brant Brogan

Joanna Brooks

Buckman Photography

Marc Cartwright

ClickWest Photography

Daniel Colegrove

Dauer Photography

Derek Goes

Kenneth Dolin

Face Studios

Final Print

James D

Jody Frank

Robin Emtage

Nancy Jo Gilchrist

Timothi Jane Graham (NY & LA)

Kristen Honey Photography

Peter Hurley (NY & LA)

Robert Kim (NY & LA)

Claude Knowlton

L.A. Image Studio

LENNON the Photographer

Jo Liu

Amanda Max

Wes McDowell

Brian Minami

Christopher Moscatiello

David Muller

Johnny Olsen

NKL Photography (NY & LA)

Vanie Poyey

Ron Rinaldi (NY & LA)

Michael Roud

Kate sZatmari

Todd Tyler Photography

Gloria Waco

Ken Weingart (NY & LA)

Alan Weissman

Joanna Wilson (NY & LA)

Wolfe Photography

Natalie Young

Zampano Photography (NY & LA)

Headshots in other US cities

Wayne Ferrara (New Orleans)